Ada Fest is a revamp of a the Main Street Festival popular in the mid 1990's. However, Ada Fest 2017 offers significant changes since it was rebooted in 2015. The location has been moved from down Main Street to the Arts District of Ada, in the Arts District Plaza. Unlike the previous Ada Fests, this festival will focus on the music and art of east-central Oklahoma. In some ways Ada is like Memphis, we have a long history of developing and providing significant artist to American culture, but few of our residents realize just how significant it is.


​     Consequently, the opening acts, provided by the local Happyland Music Alliance, a local live music association, will cover an arrangement of a work or works by an Ada area musician, e.g. Mae Boren Axton, Hoyt Axton, Blake Shelton, Zac Malloy, Lowell Fulson, Johny Barbata, Dewayne O’Bryan, Jay Daversa, Jon Daversa, Taylor Dye, and/or Anthony Armstrong.

Pre-Ada Fest music and activities remain popular for all ages during the day on Main Street and at numerous live music venues. 

Ada Fest wraps up the day with a headliner. 2017 features LITTLE TEXAS.

Please plan to spend the day in Ada, OK for food, fun, art, music and more!